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À la découverte d'une culture et ses vertus
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Yana-Farm range

Natural oils and butters

First cold pressing oils and natural Amazonian butters. Wellness and gentle medicine products for body and hair care. They will give you the energy you need every day.
adivse for use
Yana Farm:
Yana Farm was born from the legacy left by grandmothers passionate about medicinal plants and mastering the traditional manufacture of palm oil from Guiana. The first Yana Farm products were introduced in 1999. Many years have been devoted to test the quality and efficiency of oils. This approach involves valuing the plant resources of a country covered with 90% Amazon vegetation
Advise for use :
We advise you to heat your oil under the tap because it hardens below 24/25 C°, be careful, it should not exceed 60 C°. The deadline for use is 6 months after opening the product. For the frequency of application, we advise you to apply our Yana-Farm Oils once a day for 1 week, then stop using them for 1 week, and start this process again